Write Like a Mother…

I wrote my dissertation in 500 days while my son was a toddler. I also had a full-time job and a dying father-in-law. When people asked me how I did it, I repeated what my mom told me about being a working mom: “If I ever stopped to think about how I did it, it wouldn’t have gotten done.”

But now that my son is older and I have book #2 under my proverbial belt, I have more time and space to think about how I did it all. I’m also a writing professor by trade, so I know a little something about writing & caretaking & having it all (lolz).

Join me for writing advice, retrospective tales about my path, and motivation to keep up your daily writing habit. (You do have a daily writing habit, don’t you?)

…by me, Kate Browne

Kate Browne (she/her/dude) is the author of The Golden Girls (2020) and Unnamed Memoir Project Seeking Representation (20XX). She has a PhD in writing pedagogy (aka how to teach writing) and is currently playing the role of Stay-at-Home-Mom #1 in her family’s open run production of No Exit.