I have a poster in my office that’s a pint glass with the phrase “Call me a writer because I work in drafts.” I love that poster.

I thought about torching this substack after only a week, but I decided to keep it. It’s a bit like an insider’s view of my process. I want to keep writing and I don’t have a writerly community to share drafts with. So, if you want to subscribe and see the raw, early stuff, you can.

My keyboard is doing this VERY ANNOYING THING where it sometimes adds an extra space in between my words. I’m not going to fix it right now. This is a draft.

I’ll take my best stuff and put it on Medium or whatever. But the thing about writing or sculpture or any other kind of art is that the real magic is in the editing. Writing isn’t hard. Editing is hard. Editing gives you a shiny finished project that you can point to and say “I made that.” Writing is gathering supplies. Any of the great writing mentors will tell you that including my fave Anne Lamott.

You’re not supposed to let people see your drafts because they are unfinished. I’ve never really understood why. Is it because I want you to accept me as a real artist instead of a producer of drafts? My PhD in writing pedagogy suggests that deliniation is arbitrary.

This is a draft.